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What is your cat teaching you about the perfect scratching post?

    Cosa ti sta insegnando il tuo gatto sul tiragraffi perfetto?

    Last updated January 1st, 2018

    cat wants to play

    Sly wants to play, but what does Ollie have up his furry paws?

    Hello furriends, I’m Sly Pie and I heard via the cat vine that September is Happy Cat Month. I would not have deemed it necessary to have a month dedicated to our happiness, because every month should be Happy Cat Month. But when I reflect back on my life before I joined the Chirpy Cats crew, I understand why there is a need to highlight a month for us cats. You see, I was not always pampered and fussed over, I was living the thug life, free to roam but always wondering where my next meal is coming from.

    Happy Cat Month is an awesome event created by the CATalyst Council to highlight cat wellness, by “focusing on cat happiness”. Chirpy Cats is celebrating Happy Cat Month because we’re all about “connecting cats and their people” and we want to see more happy cats in forever homes and fewer cats in shelters. We would also like to squash the tired old stereotype that cats are aloof and too independent to care. We don’t like being left alone for long periods and we do like human company, even if we don’t always want to sit in your lap.

    Week two focuses on the Happy Enriched Cat and this is where I show you that us cats have different play preferences. Some of us are high flyers, like the two ‘brofurs’ Ollie and Baggy, who enjoy surveying their air from high places in the catio. But I am a ground dweller, crouching low to pounce up close, lurking in shadows and waiting patiently in enclosed spaces. Living the thug life out on the streets was all I knew, but no mouse stood a chance! My favorite toy is a cat lounger where I like to tease Ollie and challenge him to a game of patty cake. See my video below and be sure to turn up the volume to hear my conversation with him.



    Quick tip from the Lady Cat:

    As Sly Pie has mentioned above, it is important to observe your cat for types of scratching surfaces cats prefer. I have heard many times from some cat owners that their cat just refuses to use the new scratching post and still prefers the couch. Well, most people rush out to buy the vertical sisal rope pole scratch posts. These are wonderful for cats that scratch vertically but there are those cats like Sly Pie that love the horizontal scratch pads and loungers, either made out of cardboard like the one in the video or made out of carpet. Overall, it’s good to have variety, especially in a multi-cat household. And remember, to keep boredom at bay, get that fishing rod toy out from under the couch and give it a good swing around the house to give your little hunters something to jump about!

    How are you celebrating Happy Cat Month? We’d love to hear from all the happy kitties and their humans.

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