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Top 7 Best Cat Dental Treats (Updated 2018)

    I 7 migliori trattamenti dentali per gatti (aggiornato 2018)

    Even before you to think of the right toys for your cats or the right cat brush for shedding, make sure that you will take care of their dental health first. According to PetMD, cats would have a total of 30 teeth once they have reached adulthood and taking care of it is very important. For humans, we can do it ourselves and follow a good routine of brushing our teeth.

    Unfortunately, cats can’t do that on their own. Cats in the wild look for a suitable replacement in cleaning their teeth like chewing on grass or bones. However, this is a different story when your cats are domesticated and is now under your care, that’s why the best cat dental treats are a very important investment.

    Dental health affects not only your cat’s teeth and gums, but also other parts of their body as the sickness spreads out from their mouth. An estimate of 85% of cats can develop a periodontal disease which refers to the condition when tartar builds up on their teeth and causes gum inflammation. As the periodontal disease started to build up, the toxins will start to come to their organs and bloodstream, which can cause a failure in its function and can cause the development of other issues.

    Cat dental treats are one of the most popular products that can be used in preventing dental problems and in promoting healthier gums and teeth. This helps the cat owners to save time in brushing the teeth of their cats daily and make it fun for them. To find the right one for you, check out the best cat dental treats we’ve listed below.

    Cat Dental Treats Comparison Table

    Greenies Dental Cat Treats Variety Pack

    The Greenies Dental Cat Treats Variety Pack offers great flavors that your cats will love. It includes tempting tuna, savory salmon, ocean fish, succulent beef, oven roasted chicken, and catnip flavors. This is one of the most popular options on the market that is being considered by many consumers because of its quality and the nutrients it can offer.

    These cat dental treats are also recommended by veterinarians. It has a crunchy texture that makes it easier for your cats to chew and this helps in scraping off the tartar and avoid the build-up of plaque. Aside from that, there are added vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. This also has Taurine that is needed for the healthy vision and heart of your cats.

    This gives the right level of nutrients they require while maintaining the health of their teeth. You can also give different flavors every day to let your cats enjoy better tastes and avoid getting tired of having the same flavor repeatedly.


    • It is highly recommended by vets.
    • It is available in different flavors for your cats to enjoy.
    • It has added vitamins and minerals to support your cat’s health.
    • It has Taurine for the healthy vision and heart of your cats.


    • It can be a bit small for some cats.
    • There are cats that don’t like the texture of this.

    You can also have this in other flavors depending on the preferences of your cats. With limited ingredient used, you can be assured that there would be no fillers or additives used on this product and that your cats are getting the right level of nutrients they need.

    The IAMS Proactive Health Daily Cat Treats features salmon flavor that makes it highly appetizing and can eventually boost the appetite of your cat. This has been formulated and designed to deep clean the ridges of your cat’s teeth and help them in reducing the tartar and plaque build up. This is highly recommended and is considered by many cat owners as it also comes from a trusted brand.

    This is 100% balanced for adult maintenance and is offered with well-textured kibbles that can easily be digested and chewed by your cats. Make sure that you will follow the ideal feeding guide depending on your cats’ weight.


    Last on our list is the Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snack that has been formulated with natural chicken and liver flavor to easily boost the appetite of your cats and give them the right level of nutrients they need. It helps in reducing the tartar buildup and in the maintenance of the overall health of your cat’s mouth.

    Common Dental Issues of Cats

    Just like humans, there are different dental issues that your cats will develop if you are not going to take care of their teeth. It is important for you to be familiar with it, so you would be guided and prepared in case you see any sign of it. Some of the common dental issues that your cats can have are the following:

    Periodontal Disease. This disease is characterized by the buildup of plaque on the surface of your cats’ teeth. This can easily cause tooth decay and can further lead to the development of bacterial infections. As what we’ve mentioned earlier, 85% of cats are prone to this condition and if not checked earlier, can badly deteriorate the teeth of your cats.

    FGS or Feline Gingivitis Syndrome. If your cats are suffering from periodontal disease, then it is easier for them to develop other conditions such as the Feline Gingivitis Syndrome or FGS. It is a condition that refers to the inflammation of the oral mucous membranes and the gums. This can cause excessive drooling, severe pain, aggressiveness, and depression.

    Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions (FORL). Cats age five (5) years and older are prone to this condition. It is a common dental problem that can affect cats of all breeds. This refers to the condition of plaque-caused lesions and when a tooth meets the gums. This is a result of the abnormal immune response in cats that have tissues which are not capable of repairing themselves. This can cause severe damage to the roots and can be really painful.

    If you think that your cats are suffering from any of the condition mentioned above, make sure to visit your veterinarian and get the necessary treatment for it.

    Why Your Cat Needs Dental Sticks?

    Too often, cat owners are disregarding the need for dental treats, until they encounter a big problem. Make sure that you will not sacrifice the health of your cats and get the best cat dental treats as early as now. If you are having second thoughts, then you can consider the following situations:

    Foul and Bad Breath. Cat’s breath is always recognized to have a fishy scent, but if your cat has a bad and foul breath that you can’t stand, then it can be an indicator of an oral problem. This can easily be prevented if you will get dental treats that can maintain the health of their teeth and gums.

    No Time for Dental Checkup. We need to admit that many of us won’t go to the veterinarian unless there is a clear problem. If you do not have enough time to visit them for a dental checkup, then make sure to get dental treats that can give assurance about the dental health of your cats and start while they are still kittens.

    Cats are resistant to cat toothpaste. There are many manufacturers that are formulating toothpaste made for your cats, but some of them, especially the adults can be more resistant. Many cat owners find it hard to brush their cats’ teeth, but dental treats naturally help them to get rid of the tartar or plaque without any drama.

    Feeding wet canned food. Most wet canned foods are formulated to have chunks of meat that your cats will love! However, pieces of that meat can easily get stuck in their teeth. If your cats are not fond of having dry cat food, then dental treats can be a great option to help them in removing those meats and let them chew their meals easily.

    Overall, cat dental treats are formulated to help clean the teeth of your cats while giving them a reward for their good behavior. It makes it easier to train them and maintain their dental health.


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