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Home ยป Pure Vita Freeze-Dried Cat Treats by NutriSource (Review)

Pure Vita Freeze-Dried Cat Treats by NutriSource (Review)

    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

    We recently introduced our cat Yoda to NutriSource’s line of PureVita holistic cat treats including the freeze-dried Minnows, Alaskan Salmon, and Ahi Tuna. The result? PureVita freeze-dried cat treats are a hit! Here’s our (and Yoda’s) full, unbiased review of these treats.

    Whether for good behavior, training your cat to walk on a leash, or just for being adorable, cat treats are a great way to reward your feline!

    If you are looking to treat your cat, consider why these PureVita holistic cat treats by NutriSource are a fantastic choice.

    Table of contents:

    • What Are Holistic Cat Treats?
    • About NutriSource and PureVita
    • PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats
    • Where to Buy Pure Vita
    • FinalThoughts

    What Are Holistic Cat Treats?

    NutriSource’s PureVita cat treats are holistic, meaning they use wholesome, real protein as the number one (and only) ingredient.

    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats | Review by Fluffy Kitty

    But what does holistic cat treats actually mean? Aren’t all cat treats made holistic?

    The simple answer is no. Most cat treats combine a variety of ingredients and flavors, ranging from natural meat flavors to added vitamins, probiotics, and so on.

    Holistic in cat food terms implies natural, complete, wholesome.

    Holistic cat food usually entails natural, whole ingredients like real chicken, veggies, and fruits that, when combined and formulated to fit AAFCO standards, produce a blend of nutritional food for cats. It uses a combination of simple ingredients that aren’t modified or mixed in with artificial anything.

    Holistic cat treats are even simpler, using only 1 ingredient to make their case.

    PureVita’s holistic cat treats are visibly natural. You can see the only ingredient up-close and personal (like the real freeze-dried minnows).

    Each individual treat from the PureVita line packs a punch of protein! Give as a simple snack or a wholesome protein topper for your cat’s food.

    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats |  Review by Fluffy Kitty #cattreats #fluffykitty
    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats | Review by Fluffy Kitty

    About NutriSource and PureVita

    NutriSource (otherwise known as Tuffy’s Pet Foods) is a three-generation family-owned business from Perham, Minnesota. Operations began over 50 years ago to serve their community with economy line pet food, but they didn’t stop there and grew into their NutriSource branding of super premium pet food (among others under umbrella KLN Family Brands).

    In 2007, NutriSource developed a line of holistic pet food and treats under the brand PureVita.

    The PureVita chain of holistic pet food features carefully-selected, limited-ingredient recipes using single-source proteins and a variety of tasty wholesome fruits and veggies.

    While they source their cat food recipes using global ingredients, their holistic cat treats feature USA-sourced, sustainably harvested ingredients (or should I say ingredient?). Their commitment to supporting local businesses also remains a core belief.

    With that said, you won’t find their cat foods (or holistic cat treats) in mega pet stores, but in smaller independent stores and businesses.

    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats |  Review by Fluffy Kitty #cattreats #fluffykitty
    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats | Review by Fluffy Kitty

    Find a Location Near You

    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

    Pure Vita’s holistic cat treats are all harvested in the USA – minnows, salmon, and tuna included (the three we sampled).

    What’s more, the freeze-dried treats mean they are “Raw no Thaw.” The slow freeze-dry process allows for optimal nutrient bioavailability for each single protein source.

    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats |  Review by Fluffy Kitty #cattreats #fluffykitty
    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats | Review by Fluffy Kitty

    With 0.8 kcal per treat, these won’t add unnecessary (and sometimes harmful) weight on your cat! Instead, the treat delivers a bite of healthy protein, the most essential aspect of cat nutrition.

    Tried & Tested Treats:

    • Minnows
    • Alaskan Salmon
    • Ahi Tuna

    From the PureVita line of holistic cat treats, Yoda sampled minnows, Alaskan salmon, and ahi tuna. Each pack features humanely harvested and 100% single-sourced protein.

    Yoda particularly loves the whole minnows, which surprised us at first as he doesn’t like to take big bites of anything (even real salmon or fish). So the fact that he crunches down on these treats is a huge plus for us!

    Did I mention these treats are grain and gluten-free? And have no artificial condoms or coloring? All the more reason to opt for these holistic cat treats!

    From a cat parent’s point of view, we think the minnows are the most unique treat compared to the salmon or ahi tuna bites which are your more “classic” shaped treat. Plus, I love that the minnows give Yoda a special “treat feeling” that clearly differentiates from his kibble (or any other type of treat for that matter). That unique “treat identity” (so to speak) can especially help with training if that’s your main mission for using cat treats.

    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats |  Review by Fluffy Kitty #cattreats #fluffykitty
    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats | Review by Fluffy Kitty

    Freeze-Dried Cat Treats VS Other Cat Treats

    Are freeze-dried cat treats really better than regular cat treats? That all depends on your purpose and intent for using them.

    Cat treats have a diverse variety of uses ranging from improving bone health and fur condition to removing stuck-on plaque or improving bad breath.

    The PureVita freeze-dried treats are not meant to improve such things, however, the extra delivery of healthy, wholesome protein will indirectly benefit your cat’s overall health. Think of it as an extra healthy, nutritious reward!

    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats |  Review by Fluffy Kitty #cattreats #fluffykitty
    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats | Review by Fluffy Kitty

    Have a finicky cat who leaves a full bowl of food? Top up their food with a couple of PureVita’s freeze-dried minnows or ahi-tuna bites. Yoda will revisit his food bowl when I do this and it surely invigorates his appetite!

    Cat treats are a fantastic way to reward good behavior in cats, which can be invaluable when training them from anything from using a litter tray to learning how to walk on a leash.

    When to reward your cat with a PureVita treat?

    You can either give the freeze-dried treats as a fun snack or meal topper. However, you can set them aside for training purposes specifically. Like I said before, the freeze-dried treats have a special identity that can help with training!

    The calorific content of PureVita’s freeze-dried cat treats remains low. But that doesn’t mean you should reward your cat with treats too much. In fact, your cat’s diet shouldn’t contain more than 10% of treats.

    Our recommendation is to give your cat a protein-packed PureVita treat 1-2x per day if you’re giving as a reward or fun snack.

    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats |  Review by Fluffy Kitty #cattreats #fluffykitty
    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats | Review by Fluffy Kitty

    Are freeze-dried treats good for cats with sensitive stomachs or allergies?

    Definitely yes! Although you need to consider your own cat’s needs, in general, these cat treats are a great fit for cats with sensitive tummies or cats with allergies.

    Seeing that the PureVita cat treats feature 100% single-ingredients, there are no fillers or unrecognizable ingredients that could potentially upset your cat’s stomach. Moreover, cats with allergies require diets with simple, wholesome ingredients and these treats contain no gluten and no grain.

    Where to Buy PureVita?

    PureVita’s carefully-prepared limited ingredient cat food formulas and holistic cat treats can be found in smaller, independent pet stores.

    You can find a limited selection of their cat food and dog treats online on Amazon, but otherwise, you can check this link to find a location that stocks PureVita near you.

    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats |  Review by Fluffy Kitty #cattreats #fluffykitty
    PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats | Review by Fluffy Kitty

    Final Thoughts: PureVita’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

    So far, Yoda seems to digest the freeze-dried treats extremely well. And he is a bit of a picky eater, so we’re happy he gets attracted to his food bowl more often with these treats.

    We have been using them mainly as protein supplements and to reward his good on-leash behavior when exploring outdoors together.

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    PureVita's Freeze-Dried Cat Treats |  Review by Fluffy Kitty

    This article was kindly sponsored by NutriSource, however, all opinions are ours alone. We believe in testing out products we love and we think you’ll love these treats too.


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