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ProtectaPet Launches Innovative Cat Balcony Kit

    ProtectaPet Launches Innovative Cat Balcony Kit

    The ProtectaPet Cat Balcony Kit enables apartment-dwelling cat owners to provide safe, supervised, outdoor access for their cat.

    International cat fencing specialist, ProtectaPet, has launched its latest product in the modular range of cat fencing products – the ProtectaPet Cat Balcony Kit – a unique way of keeping cats safe on balconies.

    The risk of cats falling from balconies is highly publicised. Animal welfare charity, the Blue Cross, appealed to cat owners to keep cats safe around elevated open windows and balconies after two cat fatalities and five cat injuries were treated one summer weekend at their Victoria animal hospital in 2017. In New York, the term ‘ high rise syndrome’ was coined when one hot summer in the 1980s more than 100 cats were brought into a veterinary center with injuries from falls.

    For high-rise cat-owners with balconies, the choice has been stark, with most cats kept indoors for their own safety. While thousands of cats in the UK live in apartments, many of them don’t have access to fresh air, with windows and doors being deliberately kept shut to ensure their safety.

    Product designer and Managing Director of ProtectaPet, Simon Davies BSc, challenged himself to design a balcony enclosure that was adaptable to different balcony configurations. The clever design allows multiple sections to be joined together inline or at ninety degrees. The modular screen can be used on one sided balconies or expansive balconies with multiple sides. The netting is made from hybrid stainless-steel reinforced nylon for resistance to chewing, while maintaining a low visual impact.

    The ProtectaPet Cat Balcony Kit has been in development for three years, having undergone extensive product testing. It is the first Cat Balcony Kit of its kind with ‘no drill’ attachments. This is because most people living in balconies are prohibited from drilling into the masonry or attaching anything permanent to the exterior of the building. Crucially, the innovative new fixtures are secured under tension, enabling owners to easily relocate the balcony enclosure if they move.

    Simon says, ‘We are really excited to launch this solution for cat owners’ peace of mind about their cat’s welfare and safety. No more worrying about smelly cat litter trays and keeping the balcony doors shut either!

    The DIY kit can be installed with a hacksaw, hammer, pliers and scissors, making it accessible to most practical people. It requires two people for installation, and they must undertake a rigorous risk assessment to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.’


    ProtectaPet say that the target market for this new product is cities with high rates of cat ownership in the UK and across all of Europe. They are noticing ‘hot-spots’ of inquiries from places like St Helier in Jersey, presumably because once one cat owner has discovered the product, news spreads and subsequently their cat-owning neighbors are interested. It is designed and made in Britain with ambition for international clientele.


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