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Home » Oliver: Why can’t my Siblings let me try new Food on my own..

Oliver: Why can’t my Siblings let me try new Food on my own..

    Oliver: Perché i miei fratelli non possono lasciarmi provare nuovi cibi da solo...

    Hi everyone,

    So here I was getting ready to talk to you about the new Almo Nature functional range with top tips and advice but before I could even get the humans to lay out the food for me the naughty siblings appeared!

    Freya: Naughty? Me? Never! I am just inspecting what you’ve got here! 😀

    Rennie: And I am supervising…

    Oliver: Right…let’s try in that case…

    Oliver: So this particular one is the Urinary Support dry food so that’s definitely for me not for you Rennie…

    Rennie: Why is that?

    Oliver: Well… remember I’ve had very bad bladder problems before and this dry food forms part of th functional range of Almo Nature food to support cats such as myself now get of my food!

    Oliver: This is just the right size for me 😀

    Rennie: And it smells delicious… can I have some?

    Oliver: NO!

    Rennie: Tough luck… we are going in anyway! 😀

    Oliver: *Sigh* Well I might as well explain our fellow felines and human companions what this is all about.


    Oliver: The food my gourmand siblings decided to steal off me was the dry food for urinary support of what is called the Almo Nature functional range of food! Each of the functional types of their food addresses a specific condition that us cats often suffer from by utilizing natural ingredients such as cranberries to support us.

    Oliver: Of course our friends over at Almo Nature don’t just produce this range in dry food but also in wet food! So each of the types of functional food has a dry and wet food version available. The types in this range are:

    • Sensitive for cats with sensitive tummies that just need food that’s a little lighter and more gentle on the tummy
    • Anti-Hairball for cats that suffer from the dreaded furball! Like my sister Nubia…
    • Sterilized Cat for those of us that are neutered/spayed and thus need less calorie rich diets! 😀
    • Urinary Help / Support the food we tested in its dry food version for this post. 🙂

    Oliver: And more Holistic recipes are coming soon!!!

    Oliver: And last but even more important don’t forget the Fondazione Capellino (Capellino Foundation), 100% of the money your humans spend on Almo Nature’ pet food is used to protect cats, dogs and many other animals around the world through the projects of the foundation. This covers small shelters in your local area to large scale biodiversity projects! And Almo Nature is the first pet food company that has ever done such a great project.

    Oliver: So if you’d like to recommend to your humans to give this food a try you can head over to Fetch! And don’t forget that Almo Nature really is owned by us animals as all profits generated by their products are used to protect cats, dogs and the biodiversity through the projects of Fondazione Capellino

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