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Is My Cat Too Skinny? And How to Check If They Are

    Il mio gatto è troppo magro?  E come verificare se lo sono

    Signs indicating that your cat is too skinny

    Here are several signs that will tell you if your cat is skinny. These signs concern mostly about the physical appearance and physical deviation of your cat from other cats.

    How To Identify If They Are Skinny

    If you are not satisfied with the indicators above, you can check and see for yourself. There are ways that you can do to gauge if your cat is indeed skinny compared to other cats.

    1.Use your hands

    Your hands can be a good way of gauging your cat’s body fat content. Cats with long coats will be difficult to weigh because it would mean the removal of fur to accurately get their weight. Using your hands, get a feel of your cat’s body – its ribs and its back.

    Lightly do a rubbing motion to gauge if there is enough presence of fat that the ribs and the spine remain protected. If the spine and ribs are prominent and protruded, your cat could be skinny for its own good. Too much fat is also not ideal and helpful for your cat.

    2. More bone examinations!

    Just like how you check for fat content in areas near the ribs and the spine, you can also check areas around the pelvic bones and the shoulder blades. A skinny cat will be more angular and appear to be really bony due to the lack of layers of fat in their bodies.


    3. Check for its diet

    It is good to check for the nutritional content of the cat food you are giving your cat. If it has been your brand of cat food for the longest time, perhaps it is now the time for you to do away with it and look for other cat food that are healthy and contains the nutrients and minerals that your cats need.

    What Could Probably Cause Your Cat to be Skinny?

    1. Your cat is not getting the nutrients it needs

    There is a possibility that despite the amount of cat food we feed our cats, it does not equate to them getting the nutrients they need to sustain their lives. There are specialized cat foods made for weight gain. Perhaps you should try shifting to these cat food instead!

    2. Level of activity

    Check if your cat is extremely active and energetic. This can also become a probable cause as to why your cat is skinny. It may be burning all those calories because of the high levels of activity it engages itself in.

    3. Fast metabolism

    It is also possible that your cat’s metabolism works really well. That no matter how much food they eat, no matter how healthy and well balanced their diet is, it seems that efforts are all in vain. Consult your veterinarian to find out ways on how to help your cat put up that weight!


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