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Creating the World’s Best Food for Cats

    Creare il miglior cibo per gatti al mondo

    That is the ambition behind KatKin, which is not just a new food brand but an entirely different way of looking at feeding our cats.

    In my work as a cat behaviourist and cat sitter I come across a large variety of cat food. And then there’s my own cat’s food of course. If you look at the list of ingredients you’ll find that they contain sugar, rice, corn and grain, even though cats are meat eaters by nature. Many popular wet foods contain only a small percentage of chicken or beef when they are labeled as chicken or beef respectively. There are brands that are improving the standard by making sure there wet food doesn’t contain grain and consists of at least 50% meat. That still leaves some room for improvement though, which is exactly what Brett and Nikki, founders of KatKin, have done. KatKin consists of a whopping 95% real meat.

    KatKin founders Brett and Nikki with Molly, one of their ‘Chief Tasting Officers’

    KatKin’s Brett explains a bit more about the journey to creating KatKin that was inspired by Brett’s and Nikki’s aim to feed their own cats the best possible food.

    “We started searching for a vet nutritionist that could help us reinvent cat food, to feed cats fresh, human-grade food that is specifically formulated for cats as obligate carnivores and to do so in a way that prevents overfeeding”

    “We’re laser focused on providing the best possible nutrition for cats as obligate carnivores and personalizing each of our recipes for your cat’s own energy needs and tastes. Our recipes are not simply vet approved, but expertly vet-formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg who is a world-leading and board-certified vet nutritionist. He has carefully formulated all of our recipes to make sure your cat’s food contains all the nutrients, in the right amounts, for optimal health.”

    Personalized food for your cat, I can see cats everywhere giving it a paw of approval. But how does it work?

    Based on your cat’s age, weight, activity level and current body shape KatKin creates a personalized, fresh and perfectly portioned meal plan.

    KatKin sources fresh, human-grade quality ingredients from trusted suppliers and individually portioned every meal into daily serve pouches. Your cat’s meals are then gently steam cooked to lock in all the nutrients, moisture and flavors your cat needs, and loves, to thrive.


    Your cat’s meals are frozen and delivered straight to your door on a delivery cycle that works best for you. It is delivered in eco-friendly, insulated boxes to ensure meals stay fresh until you get home. Daily-serve pouches enable easy and accurate feeding for healthier and happy cats.

    The first time you order you start with a trial box. This box contains all the different recipes KatKin offers. Once your cat knows its favourites, simply log in and update their recipe selection before the next delivery. You can also pause or skip deliveries when you need to. So less waste and your cat will never turn their nose up at their food bowl again!

    All this sounds really good and very customer friendly, both for our cats and us 🙂
    The proof will be in the eating! You can soon read about Dirk’s experience with KatKin as he is currently testing his trial box (spoiler alert: his favorite – at the moment – ​​is ‘Gobble!’).


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