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Cat Vomiting White Foam, What Shall I Do?

    Gatto che vomita schiuma bianca, cosa devo fare?

    Possible Causes For Cat Vomiting Foam


    Let us not discount the possibility of hairballs! It is also highly likely that your cat may have swallowed quite a mass of hair and fur and the hairball has become unbearable. This case is quite normal and can be cause for little to no alarm at all. Trust your cat, it is just trying to get rid of that dislodged hairball down its throat. No worries there!

    eating too much

    If a cat has eaten too much more than it can take, no wonder it will throw up any excess food it digested. Although it is quite rare for adult cats to overeat, it is actually the kittens who are more prone to overeating. Adult or not, it will be best to regulate the amount of food our cats eat by giving only the portion they should eat for that particular meal.

    Eating too less

    See, anything too extreme is bad. Overeating is not good, and so is the deprivation of food. If your cat has been throwing up that white foamy stuff, also check the last time that your cat has eaten something. The white foamy stuff could be a sign that your cat has been running on an empty tank and energy levels are getting low.

    Irregular meals

    Aside from eating too much and too less, skipped meals could also be the culprit. If a cat has not eaten on a regular basis, its stomach acids will cause irritation. Pretty much like how our stomach’s work โ€“ there is a mix of gastric juices, bile and other acids in our stomachs, without food to digest it will grind thin our stomach linings. In cats, this results in vomiting of that white-yellow foamy stuff.

    Change in your cat’s diet

    Your cat is probably not taking the new diet too well if in any case, you have just introduced a new diet to your fur baby. Your cat may be vomiting that white foamy stuff if it is a sudden and drastic change, because of possible stomach incompatibilities with the new diet.

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    This occurs due to gastrointestinal complications in cats If there has been constant vomiting of that white foamy stuff, then you better have your cat’s condition diagnosed. If there have been foreign elements that may have invaded your cat’s gastrointestinal tract then it’s highly likely that vomiting the white foamy stuff is there bodily reaction towards it.


    Adrenal Gland Disease

    Adrenal gland disease happens when your cat is unable to produce the right amount of cortisone. Affecting both young and adult cats, frequenting especially female cats, you will find out if your cat has adrenal gland disease if they have a sudden drop in blood sugar, diarrhea, lethargy, and weakness of their muscles.


    This condition is known as the inflammation of the small intestines. Kittens are more prone to developing this condition. Enteritis is accompanied by weight loss, lethargy and the lack of energy, and diarrhea.

    Learn how to deal with it

    Manage the hairballs.

    We can’t simply stop our cats from having hairballs because it is part of their body. You can give your cat hairball control cat food to help prevent the buildup of this irritating mass.

    tea and minerals

    Many cat parents have recommended giving your cat some peppermint tea and some essential oils. These help in soothing the irritated stomach.


    Allowing your cat to fast will give its stomach time to rest and recover. To avoid missing your cat’s meals, perhaps you can try having one of those automatic cat feeders to ensure that your cat eats the right amount of food at the right time.


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