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Can Cats Eat Pumpkin? (+Pumpkin Cat Food Recipes)

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    Fall is well upon us, and pumpkin-flavored items are on every shelf. Though humans can certainly take advantage of every pumpkin-themed treat we see, you may begin to wonder if your feline friend can do the same as well. So can cats eat pumpkin and enjoy a pumpkin cat food recipe?

    In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of offering your cat pumpkin, and dive into some of our favorite pumpkin cat food recipes.

    Yes, Cats Can Eat Pumpkins!

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    So is it safe for cats to eat pumpkin? Thankfully for our feline friends, pumpkin is a wonderful addition to any cat diet! Pumpkin is not only safe for cats to consume, but it is packed with beneficial ingredients that can improve your cat’s overall health.

    As long as you are feeding your cat natural pumpkin that is free of any additional sugar or additives, your favorite feline will thank you! So how can pumpkin improve your furry friend’s life? Let’s dive into some of the many benefits below!

    Benefits Of Pumpkin In Your Cat’s Diet

    When discussing the potential benefits of giving your cat pumpkin, the list is endless. Not only can pumpkin serve as a tasty treat for your feline friend, but it can offer dietary support in multiple ways. To help you understand how much pumpkin can benefit your cat companion, let’s dive into the details!


    Fiber is a necessary part of any healthy cat diet. With our feline friends being prone to hairballs, any extra fiber can help to promote healthy digestion and ward off dietary complications. The fiber in pumpkin can help to soothe any constipation, keep your cat full for longer periods, firm loose stool, and even prevent anal sac complications.

    Pumpkin has become especially popular for cats that need to lose a bit of extra weight. By helping to keep them full for longer periods and preventing anal gland impaction due to obesity, pumpkin can offer the extra support your cat needs to succeed.


    You may be surprised to hear that many of our feline friends are not drinking enough water. Whether your cat is consuming a dry diet that’s lacking hydration or just isn’t spending enough time at their water bowl, cats can easily become dehydrated. Because of this, pumpkin can be a wonderful form of added moisture. With the added fiber and water contents in pumpkin, the addition of pumpkin in your cat’s diet can offer the extra boost they need!

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    Aside from added fiber and extra moisture, pumpkin can offer your cat extra nutrients that they may not get in their daily diet. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, iron, calcium, and lutein. Though most cats are not necessarily deficient in these nutrients, the added boost of vitamins can offer them additional immune support. Not only can these nutrients support your furry friend’s immune system, but also support vision health in aging cats.

    Cat Conditions That Pumpkin Can Help

    Since pumpkin can be such a wonderful digestive aid, it’s used to prevent multiple conditions that our cats can experience. Now that we’ve discussed the benefits that pumpkin can offer your feline friend, let’s dive into the specific health conditions that pumpkin can help to prevent.


    Since pumpkin contains extra fiber and moisture, the daily addition of pumpkin into your cat’s diet can help to relieve constipation. Pumpkin promotes healthy digestion and helps to stimulate regular bowel movements.

    Impacted Anal Glands

    Since our cat’s anal glands are made to empty a bit with each bowel movement, constipation can lead to anal gland impaction. Impacted anal glands can result in an abscess, which is extremely painful when it occurs. Since pumpkin can help to regulate digestion, it, in turn, helps to promote anal gland health.


    Since hairballs can be a result of improper digestion, pumpkin can aid in preventing their occurrence. Pumpkin helps to stimulate healthy intestinal movement, which in turn results in hairballs moving through the digestive tract instead of being vomited up.


    While pumpkin won’t combat obesity directly, it can aid in helping your cat in their weight loss journey. Since pumpkin can help to keep your cat full for longer periods, this can help your cat remain satisfied in between meals.

    Potential Risks Of Cats Eating Pumpkin

    The best part about offering your cat pumpkin is how safe this impressive diet additive is for our feline friends.

    While other fruits and veggies can cause a list of side effects, pumpkin has little to no repercussions when it’s consumed. The most common side effect is loose stool and diarrhea, but only when it’s consumed in excess. As long as you offer your cat an appropriate amount, risks are unlikely.

    Daily Serving Amounts Of Pumpkin For Cats

    To avoid potential GI upset when offering your cat pumpkin, it’s important to be aware of the recommended daily feeding amounts. Since too much pumpkin can cause loose stool, it’s best to only offer ½ a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of canned pumpkin daily. It’s also important to only offer 100% canned pumpkin and avoid any products that contain any sugar or added seasonings.

    Pumpkin filling cans can contain nutmeg and other harmful ingredients for our furry friends, so it’s important to examine the cans closely.

    Homemade Pumpkin Cat Food Recipes

    cat laying with pumpkins

    For your cat to benefit most from the addition of pumpkin in their diet, it’s best to mix the pure pumpkin in with their normal diet. This helps to ensure that your cat receives the nutrients from the pumpkin in its pure form, and to make sure they receive the added hydration it offers.

    While it’s best to mix pumpkin in with your cat’s regular diet, there are a few ways to offer your cat a tasty pumpkin treat. To help you bring the benefits of pumpkin to your cat’s feeding routine, let’s dive into some of our favorite pumpkin cat food recipes.

    Pumpkin & Turkey Treats

    This tasty recipe combines the benefits of both lean turkey and pumpkin. This recipe helps you create a healthy daily snack for your feline friend and even holds in cool storage for up to a week.

    Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Balls

    This recipe creates tiny bite-sized pumpkin treats for your favorite furry friend. Not only can your cat enjoy the taste of pumpkin, but the addition of sweet potatoes and cranberry as well.

    Pumpkin & Salmon Treats

    This delicious recipe targets the salmon lovers of the cat world. Not only can your cat soak in the benefits of pumpkin in their diet, but the impressive nutrients in salmon as well.

    Pumpkin & Tuna Treats

    This recipe combines two of our cat’s favorite things; tuna and pumpkin! These bite-size treats offer a healthy treat for your favorite feline, all while curing their savory cravings.

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    Final Thoughts On Cats Eating Pumpkin

    As you can see, pumpkin can be a wonderful addition to your cat’s daily diet. Just be sure to review the tips we’ve discussed above on offering your cat pumpkin, and your furry friend will thank you later!

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