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Are you letting your cat walk all over you?

    Cat and his human

    Last updated March 12th, 2018

    I lay here, unable to move, barely able to stretch my legs for fear of waking a sleeping pile of purring fur at my legs. My neck feels contorted, head shoved off the pillow, and then I open my eyes staring nose to nose at my oldest cat, me graciously accepting a raspy tongue for a second or two. Well wasn’t that a good night’s sleep?!

    Cat and his human

    Our cats are always hogging our space, wanting to be with us, everywhere. Like many cat people, we practice an open door policy for the bathroom. There’s one cat asleep on the mat next to the shower, there’s another looking curiously from his ‘basin bed.’ I have accepted that cat hair, like invisible floating snowflakes, will always mysteriously land on my mascara wand when applying makeup. This is the complete cat package, one that we would never give up for the world.

    Cat in bathroom sink

    Then I wonder where the myth originated from. That myth that cats are aloof. They are not as transparent as dogs and do not wear their hearts on their sleeves, or rather, paws. But they always appear on cue, following your every move, without too much noise or fuss. There they come, walking all over you, literally: walking on your chest when lying down, walking on your laptop, your newspaper, your fresh laundry, your dirty laundry, on your back when you’re yoga planking. The list goes on. They are even walking over our iPads loaded with an exciting array of games for cats.

    But why do we put up with this oh so sweet abuse from our furry friends? The answer is straightforward. Our cats have truly chosen to love us. They have accepted us into their cat clan. We are privileged to be a part of that almost secret cat society. Because not everyone is allowed in. It’s a two-way street, the love flows in both ways, you take a little, you give a little, much like a human relationship. Once you are allowed into their little big hearts, you’re in forever and that cozy warm fuzzy feeling will drown out the tingling from your leg gone numb.


    How do I love thee kitty? Let me count the ways…

    7 tell-tale signs that your cat is walking all over you
    1. When your leg cramps up because your cat has made himself comfortable for the last hour and you haven’t moved. You go by the old adage “never wake a sleeping cat.”
    2. When you literally bend over backward to act as human perch. You will wait in said position indefinitely.
    3. When there is an unwritten rule in the house that the person who doesn’t have a cat or two on his lap goes to make the tea, answers the door etc.
    4. When your head ends up in the ditch between two pillows because a cat is sleeping on your pillow. Why does my neck hurt today?
    5. When you allow your cat to drink water from your glass. You complain about it but secretly don’t mind.
    6. When your kitty is allowed to discover new keyboard shortcuts on your laptop. You complain, but secretly you find it adorable.
    7. When you are willing to move or adjust your workspace if a cat or two has decided that he wants your spot. You grumble under your breath, but you secretly don’t mind taking the second spot.

    Human cat bed

    human kitty perch

    cat keyboard

    Does your cat walk all over you? Need I even ask?

    Happy Valentine’s day!


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