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9Lives Cat Food Reviews (Recalls, Pros And Cons)

    Recensioni di cibo per gatti 9Lives (richiami, pro e contro)

    Fancy Feast is not the only brand of pet food that is popular on the market. One of the brands that are being considered because of the quality of meals and unique recipes is the 9Lives. The 9Lives brand of cat food is not only known to be popular but is also best-selling and is highly recommended for many consumers because it is available at an affordable price.

    ​​According to their website, the 9Lives brand celebrates and champions all cats. They are offering delicious and nutritious cat food and was first introduced on the market in 1959. They claim to be one of the best-selling brands of cat food in the United States based on the Nielsen data for 12 months in 2013.

    The company is dedicated to offering the happiness and good health for cats as they believe that our cats deserve to live well. They are offering a variety of different recipes and uses top quality ingredients. However, if you will dig a little deeper and take a closer look at the brand, you could easily determine whether this would be the right choice for your cats or not.

    9Lives is a very popular brand because of affordable cat food that can easily be purchased from a handful of retail stores today. However, with so many recipes and positive recommendations from 9Lives cat food reviews, it is a common challenge for the cat owners to decide on what recipe they will choose. With that, make sure to check out the following reviews below.

    9Lives Cat Food Comparison Table

    The 9Lives Plus Care Dry Cat Food has been formulated to offer 100% complete and balanced nutrition that can help you maintain the overall needs of your cats. It helps your cats in maintaining their urinary tract health as it reduces the pH level of their urine. It has added selenium and vitamin that supports and boosts the immune system of your cats.

    However, unlike the other products on the market, this does not come with meat as the first ingredient. It has by-product meal, animal fat and whole wheat listed on its label. As claimed by the company, this recipe is not ideal to be mixed with other types of cat food like dehydrated cat food because it is formulated for cats with special needs.

    For the meal to maintain the effectiveness in reducing the pH level of your cats’ urine, you need to keep it on the suggested serving. This is also not recommended for nursing cats, pregnant cats, or kittens. Make sure that you will go visit your veterinarian first before buying this to avoid having further problems.


    • It offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your cats.
    • It helps maintain the urinary tract health of your cats.
    • It has added selenium and vitamin E for a healthy immune system.
    • It is highly recommended for the health maintenance of adult cats.


    • It is not good for kittens, pregnant cats, or nursing cats.

    Another variety pack of wet canned food from the brand is the pate favorites. There are many cats that would prefer to have pates than gravies because of the texture of it. This variety pack comes with 12 cans of different flavors including Meaty Pate Super Supper, Meaty Pate with Real Chicken and Tuna, and Meaty Pate with Real Chicken.

    Important Points to Consider When Choosing

    There is no doubt that 9Lives is already known on the market and is highly considered because of its good background and affordable price, but to further help you make the right decision, here are the following reasons that you need to keep in mind:

    9Lives History

    The brand has been on the market since 1959. They first introduced their wet cat food and in 1967, their Super Supper wet food was released. As of now, the same recipe is still available in the market and is considered by many consumers. The company is widely known because of Morris the Cat and this had started in 1968.

    In 1970, the brand developed dry cat food and introduced it on the market. They are the first brand to offer a complete line of dry and wet cat food. The brand reached their 50th year in the industry in 2008 and had started to formulate new recipes.

    In 2010, they introduced the Indoor Complete that offers all the nutrients and vitamins that your cat needs. As they continue to help cat owners in promoting the wellness of their cats, they have formulated another formula in 2014 that helps cats to stay fit and reach their ideal body condition.

    Currently, the 9Lives is still popular and offers different flavors of cat food that can help cats live well and thrive inside.

    9Lives Cat Food Recalls

    With over 50 years of providing cat food on the market, there is no doubt that the brand would have received a few recalls. The manufacturer of the brand, the JM Smucker Company, received a recall for several of their brands including 9Lives. This is because of the possibility of having too low levels of thiamine on their products.

    The products that have been affected by the recalls include Meaty Pate Seafood, Meaty Pate Super Supper, and Meaty Pate with Chicken and Tuna. For a complete list of the recipes of 9Lives that was part of the recall, you can check out Petful.


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