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7 Special Kitty Cat Food Reviews (Recalls, Pros And Cons)

    7 recensioni di cibo per gatti speciali per gatti (richiami, pro e contro)

    Special Kitty is a house brand cat food of Walmart, which is known because of a variety of wet food, dry food, variety packs and pouches they offer. Looking for Special Kitty cat food reviews can be hard as there is very little information available online about the brand.

    Surely, we all know Walmart as a giant store in the market and they are offering a variety of products, not only for pets but also for human needs. According to Pet Food Ratings, Walmart refuses to give information about the ingredients and the Special Kitty is being manufactured by JM Smucker Company. This is the same company that is working with other cat food brands such as 9 Lives and EverPet.

    Despite being offered on the market for years, it is still hard to find information about the recipes that Special Kitty have and what the reactions of cats will be on eating this. Good thing, it is already available to other online retail stores for purchase. To get started, have a look on the short Special Kitty cat food reviews below.

    Special Kitty Cat Food Comparison Table

    Special Kitty Outdoor Dry Cat Food

    The Special Kitty Outdoor Dry Cat Food has been formulated to support the active outdoor life of your cats. It comes with wholesome ingredients and it is nutritious premium cat food that will surely enjoy by your feline friend. It supports their overall health and offers more energy that is needed to keep up with their activities.

    It has added targeted vitamins for the health of the eye and heart of your cats. This is a 100% complete and balanced nutrition that is formulated for the kitten and adult cat maintenance. This also supports healthy bones and teeth, which makes it a perfect formula for your cat.

    On top of it, it is being offered for an affordable price that won’t break the bank. However, there is no specific information about the ingredients used in this product.


    • It supports the active outdoor life of cats.
    • It offers more energy and promotes overall health.
    • It has added minerals and vitamins for eye and heart health.
    • It helps to build stronger bones and teeth.


    • There is no information about the ingredients used.
    • Some cat owners commented that this meal does not have meat as the first ingredient.

    This recipe also has added Taurine that is responsible in giving your cats a healthy heart and eyes. However, just like any other wet cat food, make sure that you are going to keep it refrigerated and maintain the freshness of the meal.

    The Special Kitty Complete Nutrition Premium Cat Food has one goal and that is to offer the 100% complete and balanced nutrition that is needed by your cats. They offer antioxidants that help cats to promote a strong immune systems and prevent different diseases. It also promotes more energy in enjoying different activities, especially their playtime.


    Aside from wet and dry cat food, Special Kitty also offers a variety of pouches. The Special Kitty Select Gourmet Variety Pouches comes with 12 packs of gourmet cat food that is highly palatable and can be enjoyed by your cats. This offers three different flavors to choose from such as chunky chicken entrée in sauce, chunky chicken and duck in sauce, and rotisserie chicken flavor in the sauce.

    Important Points to Consider When Choosing

    Looking at the long list of cat food brands will make you wonder if Special Kitty can be worthy of your money. The answer depends on you and your cat’s preferences and needs. We all have different preferences when it comes to the food we want for our cats. If you are in doubt, check the following things below:

    • Budget-Friendly: Special Kitty is known to be a budget-friendly brand that helps many cat owners to provide a nutritious meal for their cats. Most of the products are available for a cheaper price compared to other premium cat food brands on the market. Actually, Walmart is a popular retail store if you are looking for money-saving deals.
    • Wet and Dry Food Variety: The brand is one of the many that offers a variety of wet and dry food. They have different recipes to choose from that is available in kibbles and canned food, so it is easier to get one that is ideal for your cats. Their wet cat foods focus on giving high protein content and the dry food is formulated depending on the condition of the cats. High
    • Protein Diet: Our cats need a high level of protein low carb cat food and there is no ifs and buts about it. Good thing, Special Kitty have formulated their recipes to have a high protein content that is enough for the needs of the cats. It helps them to support the needs of their body and eventually prevent sensitivities.
    • Trusted Manufacturers: Lastly, there is no doubt that The JM Smucker Company is one of the trusted manufacturers in the market. They are also behind several cat food brands that are offering healthy and nutritious meals.

    It is a little hard to find Special Kitty cat food reviews online, but with the comments of some cat owners, it can be a great and reliable brand of cat food that you can check out.

    Special Kitty Quick History

    There are many claims about Special Kitty cat food, and there are no reliable sources as Walmart continues to keep the information a big secret. As mentioned earlier, this brand is under The JM Smucker Company and Walmart had commissioned the Mars Corporation to also create Special Kitty that can meet the same standards with 9 Lives.

    This is the main reason why many cat owners are comparing the two brands as they are virtually identical, except for the overall look and packaging of it. Special Kitty is just one of the several brands of cat food that are being sold exclusively in retail stores. It is a known budget food and often considered by average consumers.

    At Special Kitty, they know that the cats rule and they are confident that the cat owners will only serve her the best food available. That’s why, they have formulated each of their high-quality varieties to uses wholesome ingredients that support the health of your cats, but will taste so delicious that will let your cat reward you with a smile.

    You can always trust Special Kitty to provide nutritious premium products that your cat will crave. It is the promise of the brand to you and your cat.

    Special Kitty Cat Food Recalls

    There are no exact details when Walmart had started to introduced Special Kitty, but the brand has a number of recalls in the past. In 2008, the brand has been recalled for a number of products that were affected by melamine. The brand also has records of being recalled because of possible contamination of salmonella in their products.

    However, the most recent one is in 2018. The JM Smucker Company had issued a voluntary recall of a lot of their products from 9Lives, EverPet and Special Kitty. This is because the products have low levels of thiamin. This problem was discovered by the Quality’s Assurance of the company at the facility where it was manufactured.

    This recall is a precautionary measure done by the company and it includes numerous varieties of Special Kitty including Beef and Liver Dinner, Classic Tuna Dinner, Mixed Grill with Printed Wrap, Mixed Grill Without Printed Wrap and Super Supper.


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