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7 Reasons Why Is My Cat So Attached To Me?

    7 motivi per cui il mio gatto è così affezionato a me?

    Reasons Why Cats Are Clingy

    1. A connection with you

    A cat ever so attached to you from the get-go perhaps had a connection with you. The connection can be founded on various reasons that highly involves your cat’s feelings towards you. Perhaps, your cat feels secure with you more than anyone else, that’s why it has grown to become attached to you.

    It is also good to know that perhaps you and your cat share some sort of a trust bond so strong wherein your cat does not even want to share this bond with anyone else but you. A bit flattering isn’t it?

    2. A safety net

    Some cats can be tensed and uneasy most of the time, and they found a safety net in you. Cats may have feelings of insecurity and vulnerability and they may look up to you as their human benefactors and guardians.

    This can be a long-withstanding attachment to you or a sudden attachment. It all depends on the situation that your cat is in. If you’ve tended to your cat ever since its kittenhood, there’s no doubt that as it matures – it will become attached to you. If as a grown cat, it has experienced something that is anxiety-inducing, it will look to you for security.

    3. Weaned too early

    Usually, if a kitten was weaned too early from its mother, it will continue to seek a mother figure. The next living thing it encounters will perhaps make way for the cat to start building an attachment to it. This explains why strays become more attached to its new cat parents.


    4. They are rescue cats

    Did it ever occur to you that their attachment to you is their way of saying thank you to all the things that you have done for them? Well, in this case, rescued cats tend to be more attached to their rescuer; as if telling them that they owe their lives to their rescuer. It is also apparent that rescue cats tend to become overly clingy – meaning more loving and affectionate! This is perhaps how they show their appreciation for what you have done for them.

    5. May have something to do with their breed

    Many cat parents would share how they saw a pattern in their cats on who is more attached to them. They have this theory where it all boils down to the cat’s breed: Siberians, Norwegian Forest Cats, Russian Blues, Bengals, Bombays, and Himalayans are known to be quite a clingwrap to their cat parents.

    6. You got what it needs

    Well, unfortunately sometimes it is not about all that has been mentioned. Sometimes it is simply because you have what they need in order to survive. Quite a bit harsh, but the reality is that they get something from you that’s why your cat is so attached to you.

    Well, do not get me wrong here. Cats are highly independent, compared to most animals. Some research would tell you that cats do not even need human companions. They chose to domesticate themselves rather than humans domesticate them; for the very reason that they get some kind of benefit from the relationship.

    7. Time to talk to your vet!

    Maybe it is your cat’s way of saying that something is wrong with them. Being attached to you is their communication tool to get their message across. This is q highly probable case especially if the attachment came too sudden.


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